Event management

The only criterion: memorable

We are specialized in unique and effective ideas for B2B events. Sometimes for small events, like a C-level dinner at a special location, but also for larger ones, such as a conference abroad. What they all have in common is that they are out of the ordinary.

Whatever the size, we always start by defining the objectives and the strategy. That is the starting point for all further decisions, from the budget required to media use and choosing the location.

During the organization of the event, we offer various services. Professional hospitality staff on site, online participant invitations and registration, social media feeds, databases with contact details, etc.

You can hire us for total event management or perhaps just for the invitation and registration process. It doesn’t matter to us, as long as the result satisfies our only criterion: a memorable event for you and your customers.

Don't know what we'd do without them at shows

I’ve been working with Blue Projects for some 15 years now. They play a vital role in the organization of international events. They’re clever, critical and creative. And what I think is really important: they understand the software market and, if necessary, they can come up with excellent solutions in the very short term.

Benjamin de Waal

EMEA Marketing Director Ivanti

Event in a box

For organizations who regularly hold events we have created Event-in-a-box. A smart, standardized solution that makes the whole process for any kind of B2B event fast, streamlined and very cost effective.

Event-in-a-box is modular: you take what you need

A workshop is not a conference and a breakfast session is not a vendor training day. Each event requires different tools. That’s why Event-in-a-box lets you choose exactly the ones you need. We can, for example, manage the whole registration process for you. We can prepare your e-mails with images suitable for uploading to social media. Making sure the look and feel is in line with your corporate identity or that of your partner organization. We can have badges and roll-up banners made. Manage the logistics for giveaways and goodie bags. Select and hire a great venue. Provide onsite support. Whatever you need – we can do it for you.

After the event we can do the follow-up, with a ‘glad you came’ or ‘sorry you couldn’t make it’ e-mail. And, finally, we can put a photo gallery online, send out a survey and make downloadable presentations available. Or do anything else that needs doing. But you can also do some of this yourself, and then you pay less – it’s up to you. Event-in-a-box can be used to organize breakfast sessions, workshops, conferences, C-level dinners, roundtable events and vendor training days.



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