The perfect spot, flawless implementation and excellent communications

Exactly what we’re specialized in. And have been for over 25 years

6 CFOs having dinner in a lighthouse, 30 sales staff meeting for a couple of days at a rural venue or 2,000 conference guests in Vienna? Whatever the event, it’s the originality of the approach, attention to detail, appropriate tone of voice and first-class organizing that have a direct impact on its success. Exactly what Blue Projects has been specialized in for the past 25 years.We organize impactful B2B events in all shapes and sizes.Which includes designing and installing an eye-catching exhibition stand and, of course, managing the merchandise that goes with it.

Well-defined objectives and seamless integration with branding are the points of departure for every event we organize. We can also give you advice, providing an effective strategy and a clear messaging platform.


Our head office is in the Netherlands, surrounded by typical Dutch countryside. With Europe and the rest of the world on the horizon. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is round the corner, Royal FloraHolland (international trading centre for Dutch flowers and plants) is one of our neighbours, and we’ve been helping international organizations put on their events throughout Europe for over 25 years.

We work with our own event specialists in Germany and France. That enables us to take care of all organizational aspects, while helping us to overcome any cultural obstacles we may encounter in the major European countries. It’s efficient and effective. For dealing with bureaucratic procedures – like permit applications – or practical matters – like parking spaces.

As far as we’re concerned, it makes no difference whether your event is in the TV studios up the road or – let’s say – at the EXPO XXI in Warsaw. Or whether it’s for 4 or 4,000 participants. What it comes down to is that we always work in close contact with you, on time and within budget. And we do all we can to create an environment in which you can achieve your objectives.

What can we do for you

Event management

We can coordinate your whole event. From concept to planning to implementation. Our suppliers are excellent, but we’re also happy to collaborate with other companies. So if you like using particular stand builders – no problem at all. You’ll also be glad to know that we always keep a tight control on your budgets and schedules.

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Stand design

Trade show presence is a time-consuming business that costs serious amounts of money. So you want a return on your investment. Publicity, leads, sales, buzz – depending on your objectives. It all comes down to one thing: your stand’s impact. For 25 years we’ve been designing and installing impactful and effective exhibition stands. Ones that can be used again and again.

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Merchandise & logistics

Goodies are often a bit of a headache for an organization. Where do we get them? Where do we put them? Do we need more? If so, where do we order them? Yes, bit of a headache. Unless you let us arrange it all. We can support you with the buying, storage, stock management, and sending the right number to the right place at the right time. At minimum cost.

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